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Somethings are worth talking about, The Wheel of Time is one of those things! Click below to join the conversation in our forums! Tell us what you thought about the latest episode!

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Love Wheel of Time

Do you remember the first time you read Wheel of Time?

Your favorite character? Favorite battle? What weapon calls to you? What animal would you travel with?  Did you just watch the episode? No matter where you found your love you did! 


Talk Wheel of Tme

If you read 150 pages a day it would take approximately 112 days to read the Wheel fo Time Series. That's no small feat! You should definitely tell us all about it! Luckily we have several ways for you to do that.... from Discord, to an active Twitter Community.


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That was so much fun! We loved hearing about your love of Wheel of Time, and all the philosophies you developed in your long and crazy journey thought the books. Now let's do it again! 

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