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The Gathering Madness

Once a year in October, the boys from the Black Tower Podcast traverse the lands and unite to celebrate the founding of the Black Tower... Podcast. This year's event will be held in Las Angeles California!! Check out below for details about the events and shenanigans for our annual Gathering!!!

WoT Mixology Contest!

Yes that is right! Each year we take your recipes for your favorite Wheel of Time themed cocktails and shots! We will make them, drink them, judge them, AND award prizes for the best ones!!! Click the button below for details on how you can submit your Wheel of Time themed beverage!

Mocktails are welcome!

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Taste the TAINT!!

Each year we host the most unique and creative events, and this is no exception! We invite you to join us this year by accepting our challenge! Nominate hot sauces worthy of the Dark One's taint! Simply message us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or our email and tell us which hot sauce we should try! Nominations are open to all, but it will be our Patreons who make the final selections. Join our Patreon now and get a vote in the final lineup!!

Join us as we #TasteTheTaint

RSVP To Attend!!

Are you near LA California or would like to be on October 15-16? Well you're in luck because the Annual Gathering Madness is an OPEN and FREE event!! Please feel free to join with us online or in person as we do ALL the things necessary to celebrate!! Be there for the events, the challenges and the general shenaniganry!

Wheel of Time Virtual Panels!

Thats right!! We're hosting several virtual panels on YouTube!! Come tune in as we bring in some of your favorite content creators to talk about some fun Wheel of Time subjects! Who's coming you ask? Well you'll just have to hit the subscribe button below (and be sure to ring the bell!) so you don't miss any of the panels!

And there will be much much more!! Giveaways, prizes, fun, and taintIness galore!! do not miss out!!!

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